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So, you have uploaded your video and are dying to get your view count up, but people just are not watching it.

You hit on an idea, what if you watch your video over and over again, or constantly hitting the refresh button.

On average, there was a marked increase in views over a 20 day period, before leveling off to an improved rate of over 5%, compared to how the videos performed prior to the thumbnail change. I need to go through all of the terrible thumbnails I was making three years ago, update them all, and I'm guaranteed views. It's important to remember that pretty much every video Vevo releases comes with some traction of view velocity, so that even a few years down the line, that video will be getting hundreds of thousands or views.

For smaller channels who have less views overall, and less evergreen content, it's pointless to change the thumbnails on video that are not driving traffic and expect that to suddenly change. Choose the videos that already have evergreen value on your channel by checking your real time analytics in You Tube Studio.

If they are all from a group of the same computers, they will be disqualified.

Just relax, the system will still keep track of any views that happen during this period, and you will still be able to get likes or shares for your video.

In the early days, this strategy was used a lot, and so You Tube got wise to it.

Once your video hits 300 views, a number that You Tube starts to consider significant, safeguards kick in.

If we look at our You Tube click-through rate analytics, it tells us that people are twice as likely to click on our videos now than they were this time last year.

So, should you go back through your old videos and update the thumbnails to the skills you have now in the hope that you will get more clicks and more views? Even VEVO, one of the largest providers of musical content on You Tube, admitted to their own failing when it came to custom thumbnails.

Nine months ago, they decided to embark on a hugely ambitious project to update the thumbnails on thousands of their videos, including this one for ' Ghost' by Halsey.

You Tube, may actually freeze your view count at any stage in the life of your channel if the algorithm picks up what it considers to be fraudulent behavior.

Once the checks have been concluded, and your views have been verified, your count will be adjusted.

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