Youth pastor dating youth

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If you don’t have romantic feelings about someone then dating them isn’t a good idea (don’t say “yes” just because someone asked and you feel bad for them); but that doesn’t mean you should date someone just because you have feelings for them. There’s a lot of pressure to be in a relationship, but that’s a bad reason to get into one.I didn’t have a girlfriend until I was a senior in college, so I am very aware of the pressure you may be dealing with.In no time, what could have been a meaningful conversation for the two of us over lattes and a giant cinnamon roll, has become a history lesson from said gray-haired men.

I’ve seen this a hundred times and can only think of two or three times I’ve ever seen it work out as hoped.

Dating, relationships, and church are a strange combination and it can be uncomfortable to ask about. If you make all your decisions with your feelings instead of your brain then you’re going to have a tough time with life.

But let’s be honest: our feelings aren’t always to be trusted.

The next couple hours were spent at Menards and Lowes.

Long periods of shopping don’t typically make for an ideal day for Tony, but he’s really good at keeping himself entertained despite having to shop.

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