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You can either paste it into an elevated Power Shell window, or save it as a ps1 file.This should be enough to get your Windows 10 machines talking to WSUS, however there are some circumstances where this won’t be.It doesn’t take a huge amount of time and you can be sure then you are in a known good position. On the client side of course Windows 10 has changed how the Windows is generated, it requires the use of a Power Shell cmdlet (Get-Windows Update Log) to be run, which then collates all the Windows Update events and generates a log of your desktop.To run the SQL commands, you can load up SQL Management, connect to the WID by entering the following: In the SQL Management Studio you can expand the SUSDB and start a new query. So you have configured your WSUS, got your Windows 10 machines showing up and reporting status. In addition to that, you will find a file in c:\windows\Software Distribution called Reporting which shows a basic outline of what the Windows Update client is doing.As part of writing this post i set my Surface to talk to WSUS through the Local Group Policy, I didn’t change the Defer Upgrades setting in the GPO, so my choice in the GUI was still applied.

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This includes /resetauthorization and /detectnow switches for the tool.

Also if a client has pending updates already queued up from talking directly to Windows Update, it will need to finish those before it even registers on WSUS.

On my Surface i had manually set to Defer Upgrades.

because of the number of updates each client has to process and a maximum of the amount they can process per detection you may encounter an issue in the log, WARNING: Sync Server Updates Internal failed: 0x80244010, the key thing to do here is increase your detection frequency on the clients to once per hour.

The reason for that is, it is not a permanent failure, the error just means it reached the max number of updates it can process this time around. It may then error 3 or 4 more times or as many times as it takes until it has processed the whole list of updates.

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