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A consummate artist, the late performer made music as easily as the rest of us turn oxygen into carbon dioxide.And naturally, he wanted to keep full ownership of his art—a desire at odds with those of the music industry.Taunting those threatening to cut it, the singer sang to the crowd “Go on and do it” adding that he would go insane if he did.The mic was cut, and Trey Songz “went nuts,” smashing and hauling everything in sight. rap song or anything else,” his defense lawyer said.

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The singer also allegedly punched a police sergeant in the face during his rage. Now, new evidence has been allowed into the case with the reveal of a Snapchat video of the singer saying “F—k the police! song reference, not inciting violence.“The issue isn’t whether he said ‘F–k the police,’ recited an N. “The question is whether he resisted arrest and obstructed a police officer causing an injury.

” Song’z lawyer stated that his client was referencing the popular N. In the particular video he’s not even resisting.”The court date for the case has been set for September and the story is still ongoing.

By the looks of it, Trey Songz (whose real name is Tremaine Neverson) is still single and the only woman who has his heart these days is his mother! Maybe it’s a Southern thing, but it’s how I was raised.” It’s nice to know behind all that soul and sex appeal, there’s a true gentleman! I look at the photos and I realize that no matter what rumor came out, no matter who needs money, or who's mad I didn't text them back etcetera etcetera…I smile ALOT every day & I thank God for that. It seems the only dates Songz has time for these days are court dates!

Trey Songz’s dating timeline isn’t as long as you would think, and he hasn’t been publicly linked to anyone since he dated singer Tanaya Henry. and it was about models like Kayla Nicole, Neeandra Brooks, Holly Joso and more, living in a house together as they fought for Songz’s attention. The “Touchin’, Lovin'” singer is still on trial after being charged with aggravated assault on a police officer, last December.

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