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The story of the big Corsican family is narrated by Napoleon’s old nanny and the tour does not take more than an hour. Ajaccio heaps your plate with the local delicacies and it really helps if you are not restricted by paleo/vegan/pegan diet.Be ready to see a lot of chairs, really a lot of chairs, as Napoleon’s mother – Letizia Ramolino – had a thing for furniture. Try local charcuterie, game, fish, honey, goat cheese (, Corsican nougat, olives, Corsican peaches and cherries and the salty pastries with chard that every old lady in the market sells.

Corsica obviously has two cults – personality and gastro. He was born in Ajaccio and spent in Corsica most of his youth being consumed with 1. You will notice fast enough that Ajaccio’s toponymy is very straightforward: in fact, there are three name choices available – Napoleon, Bonaparte and Emperor (Imperial). Movie theatres, shopping malls, streets and squares bear the name of the capital’s most famous resident, and Napoleon watches you from a wall of an ice-cream kiosk, beer brewery and sushi place.

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Photo: Ksenia Kosheleva The last but not least: this is the 15-th century Ajaccio citadel that was built by the Genoese, retaken by the French and witnessed some dark moments during the Italian occupation.

Now its peace and harmony are protected by admirably brave and silly city goat, happily trotting along the fortified walls.

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