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Doodling is creating an image on the sand as requested by the partner.The activity is located at the tip of Amber Island in the beach area. The goal is to trace the image on the sand to create the image; simply walking on the line will trace the image.Action points are used during play time to perform most activities.The play-buddy has a mood meter that indicates how the playing is progressing; a low mood meter may result in the play time ending early.

The player has the option to save or delete the photo.

The total amount of actions points can be increased by building up the "Big Player" skill, which adds a maximum of five more action points.

This play option becomes available after the player has completed Mission: Balloon Bonanza.

While eating dinner, the player can engage in various soicial interactions with the play-buddy, such as talking about favorite foods and asking about work.

The main event is ordering food, which usually requires memorization of the play-buddy's order.

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