Who is the great khali dating

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Did you know: One of the biggest WWE wrestlers ever, he stands at a towering 7’1′ and is listed as weighing over 340 ponds.In 2014, he was ranked as the 8th tallest professional wrestler in history. Find out who is The Great Khali dating, how tall is he, and view countdown timer to The Great Khali’s birthday as well as today’s celebrity birthdays.Anyway, we hope he will overcome the injury problem because of lots of his Indian fans have been praying for him to return to the WWE and it will be a great joy and rejoicing to them seeing Great Khali who is the most famous Indian superstar return to the WWE programming.It is obvious that Great Khali’s like a moving train, unstoppable.Nobody can stop him from making a comeback except for the few reasons which are above.

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When he moved, he left behind a group of friends and a longtime girlfriend.In a recent report by the WWE.com, a list of top ten hottest free agents for Raw and Smack Down on their take on was released and in the list were the names of big superstars which included the name of former champion and tough Indian superstar, The Great Khali.Wow, but does this really means that Khali the Great is finally making it back to WWE TV again?Whoever can tell what the storyline will turn out to be as it seems that Great Khali is not in any point ready for a WWE return at this time as he is busy with so many things which includes running his own wrestling promotion, Continental Wrestling Entertainment or CWE in short.It is revealed that the Continental Wrestling Entertainment or CWE was founded by the WWE champion Great Khali and it is being out of Jalandhar, Punjab.

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