Who is tammy lynn michaels dating now

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After the massive success of Twilight which grossed over .3 billion worldwide, Stewart has gone on to take on major roles in movies such as The Runaways (2010), Snow White and the Huntsman (2012), On the Road (2012), Camp X-Ray (2014), Still Alice (2014) Equals (2015) and lots more. The pictures spread online and caused quite a stir which ended with an apology from the guilty lovebirds.Finally, in 2016, Stewart came out describing herself as “So Gay”.Linda served as Melissa’s best woman during her wedding to Tammy and they got together 3 months after her marriage jumped out the window and caught a ride on the exhaust pipe of a bus heading far far away. Imagine the sweet rambling blog posts they’d make together?So according to the friend, Melissa and Linda have been together for about 9 months. perhaps folks out there are going to start doing math. Actually, don’t imagine that unless you have a tongue depressor and a shot of methaqualone handy.

Jan 18, 2011: Several months after they attend the Emmys together, Etheridge reveals she's in a "committed relationship" with creator Linda Wallem.

Etheridge adopts them, as she did her children with Cypher. 25, 2007: Michaels is by Etheridge's side at the 79th Academy Awards, where the Grammy winner picks up a Best Song Oscar for "I Need to Wake Up," from the de regueur documentary, .

October 2008: After a California court overturned the state's ban on gay marriage, Etheridge announced that she and Michaels planned to legally tie the knot.

So, it’s no longer news that most of our favourite celebrities have gone the way of freedom by refusing to cage themselves to the specifications of the society as regards who to love and how to best express it.

Gone are the days when a lady must love a man and vice versa.

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