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First off, I forgot an appearance by Mary Jane that should have been mentioned in the previous issue.In Marvel Team-Up #52 (by Gerry Conway, Sal Buscema and Mike Esposito), the end of the issue shows Peter bemoaning the current poor state of his relationship with Mary Jane, who seems to be dating Flash Thompson now because Peter keeps running out on their dates to go take photographs of Spider-Man (or so she thinks)....Not only that, but MJ is also tipped to land the Emmy as Best Drama Actress.It has never been a secret that MJ Rodriguez has always identified herself as a woman.Besides, she also has a supporting sister who goes by name "_frenchyb_" on Instagram.When it comes to MJ's dating life, the trans-female MJ Rodriguez's dating relationship is a mystery to her fans, Since her gender replacement therapy in 2016, she has been able to live the life she always has wanted.I can't say that I'm thrilled by the whole "She's playing games" take on this, as if Mary Jane is some manipulative "tease." She can date whoever she wants, Peter does not "own" her, so Flash owes Peter nothing over any "stake" that Peter has in her. So the whole exchange, especially Flash ending it by saying he's going to give MJ a piece of his mind, is kind of gross.

Following the movie's Europe-wide filming, production has made its way to New York City, resulting in several video and image leaks like this latest one.

I'm so happy."While the identity of her fiancé remains a secret, the reality star couldn't help but share a few PDA pictures and videos with her main man on Instagram both before and after the New Year. It was captured for the new season so everyone will be able to see it."Fans of the Bravo reality series may remember MJ's past romance with Charlie that was featured in previous seasons. News has learned, however, that he is not the man who popped the all-important question.

As for MJ and her new man, the duo appears to be madly in love after ringing in 2016 near New York City.

star is engaged to her boyfriend she has been dating for more than a year."Yes, it's true. The romantic ceremony was performed by co-star Asa Soltan Rahmati and will be featured in the show's upcoming fifth season.

One picture even shows MJ's stunning new engagement ring."I'll wait to say who I'm engaged to. This isn't the first couple that is expected to make happy news on the upcoming season of . News exclusively confirmed Reza Farahan married his fiancé Adam Neely during a weekend trip to Palm Springs, Calif.

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