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I recognize the program is rated for adults and comes with general disclaimers, but there are some things that are so potentially dangerous and inciting, particularly to vulnerable children, that they should not be put on TV," he said in a statement according to Combined with a growing list of lawsuits, the attention from a senator was apparently enough for MTV to start tightening the screws on the crazy crew. They didn't like us drawing lines, which ultimately led to the demise of the show and their going as far as they could," Van Toffler told .

(Or they'd have to censor the title of the show any time it aired or was advertised, and it's hard to build up an audience for a show that would essentially have Steve-O discussed his substance abuse troubles with Knoxville on many occasions, but wavered over checking himself into rehab.

As with Bad Grandpa, a previous film by Knoxville, Action Point features traditional Jackass-style stunts connected by a fictional narrative.

It was released in the United States on June 1, 2018 by Paramount Pictures.

The doctors told him that he could not sneeze or blow his nose for six weeks.

In the last days of filming, they filmed only the right side of his face, because he looked like "a Picasso painting." However, after making 0,000 on its first day, estimates were lowered to –3 million.

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