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Based on what scientists understand about the energy and characteristics of the earthquake, it should not have been able to generate either such a large local surge or such a devastating Pacific-wide tsunami.The idea of a landslide contributing to the total energy was paired by some scientists with a theory that the earthquake was larger than the instrumentation of the day could measure.Yet questions surrounding the size of the local tsunami, the taller one that came ashore in Alaska, remain following the Scripps Institution's seafloor mapping expedition, which was conducted in July."We found seafloor evidence that will cause tsunami modelers to rethink the cause and characteristics of the 1946 tsunami," Tony Rathburn, a faculty member at Indiana State University, said in a statement last month."Our findings make the causes of the 1946 tsunami even more mysterious."Not giving up Okal says it still may be possible a landslide was involved in the complex events of 1946.One wave as high as a 13-story building hit locally.Others raced across the Pacific, killing dozens and leaving a trail of destruction that stretched to California and even South America.The Pacific Ocean is a big place, and the waves spread. The local tsunami in Alaska rose as high as 138 feet (42 meters), according to research by Emile Okal at Northwestern University.

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Okal studied the earthquake and its aftershocks, which originated across a broader area than would be expected.

That suggests the main temblor was more of a slow rumble than an abrupt break in the planet's crust.

He and Okal both plan to stick with the investigation."Almost 60 years after the event, the 1946 tsunami is still making fools of all of us," Fryer said. [Hilario] Aquino said that when the waves hit the church, he was tossed out amidst the children.

He swam about rescuing the children and lifting them up into the large trees of the church yard.

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