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I’m not completely fluent, but people are always surprised that I can pick up when they are speaking Spanish. I’m also a huge trivia buff, and I’ve been trying to get on Jeopardy. That’s when the light bulb went off for me, realizing the importance of what technology and data can do to empower clinicians and make a difference in patient care.I want to make an impact on nursing, specifically, to bring a strong nursing voice to the field of informatics.It was at that time I recognized that technology can really help us in the workplace.Then as electronic documentation started, I already had some knowledge from my computer-based teaching, so I decided to go back to graduate school and pursue informatics as a career.Now, I am starting to work more in the area of assisting patients with their work flows in using health information technology.I do a lot of work in piloting health care apps to patients.

So from an academic and research perspective, I think it is very important. International perspectives on sharing clinical data with patients. I also am a triathlon coach, which gives a unique perspective because I have a bird’s eye view of what data athletes are collecting in their everyday lives.

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I study how the patients are using the apps, what’s working for them in changing their health care behaviors, and then I do a bit of work on the clinical work flow side, collecting data.

Essentially through those health care apps I am looking for how we can use these patient generated data to assist our clinicians and their work flows.

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