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This can only be enforced by the ticket issuer at the time of ticketing.The ticket issuer is responsible for ensuring that the passenger meets all applicable qualifications.The basic autopricing entry is displays the current date fare for each Passenger Type Code (PTC) in the PNR.Worldspan uses displays to determine the lowest applicable fare for the PNR based on the class of service booked and the PTC.Please confirm if you are using trial credentials or Pre Production credentials.If you are using Pre Production credentials and even after using the latest schema you face the same issue, I would request you to create a My Travelport ticket for this issue. Hi Vivek, Could you please enable robotic signon for following credentials, so that I can create Air Reservation Req?On a domestic flight, a lap child is not charged a fare.

A Passenger Name Record (PNR) can be autopriced, agent assisted priced, or manually priced.

If the Infant is in the PNR alone, any car, hotel or air segments must be entered in as a MK segment.

Use the following steps to create a PNR with an infant and an accompanying adult.

When the PTC is present in the name field, and a entry is made, the autopriced fare associated to the PTC is displayed.

Refer to the Passenger Type Codes section in the PNR topic for a complete list of PTCs.

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