Usaa mint not updating

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If you attempt to manually download your bank transactions using Web Connect, you might miss transactions because the bank won't allow you to download the most recent transactions until your monthly statement has closed.If you're having trouble with just one or a few transactions, you might need to go through your Quicken data to locate them.The readouts you gave show sda5 is where your system is located all in one partition, which includes the / root, the /boot, and the /home folders, with swap a separate partition.If it was me, I'd just backup my home folder and any other folders which had info I wanted in them.

If you're able to connect to a site and perform a search, then your internet connection is likely not the problem.

It seemed sensible to update this thread rather than start a fresh one. Mac users may have some difficulty upgrading to the most current release around versions 7.04/7.10.

OK, I know I should probably strip it down and install a newer distro, but I don't have the time or inclination right now. If you want to know whether your release is EOL please have a look at the following resources: These guides assumes that the user knows his way on the terminal, as no graphical tools are used.

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