Updating to 1 1 3 om a jailbroken iphone

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It's not easy for me to give up my jailbreak but I think there is no other option right?

I do have blobs saved for all IOS 12 versions, but they won't help much either as Futurerestore breaks Face ID right?

With every new jailbreak release, it takes some time for developers to update their tweaks and make it compatible with the latest jailbreakable firmware. Pangu released their new jailbreak tool for i OS 9.3.3 a while ago but there are still some tweaks out there in Cydia that are not compatible with i OS 9.3.3 and may create issues on your device if installed.

Installing a non-compatible jailbreak tweak may cause crashes or much worse, put your device into an endless reboot loop, forcing you to restore and start afresh.

Connect the device to a computer and restore to i OS 8.1.1.

After jailbreaking with Tai G, tweaks and customizations must be manually reinstalled using Cydia.

Click here for instructions on how to restore purchases from Cydia.

So I got an Apple Watch series 4 for Christmas and in order to use it I need i OS 12 on my phone.

If you get an error while unistalling a tweak, then respring your device and try again.

If your device is already jailbroken, beware: updating to i OS 8.1.1 will wipe the jailbreak.

This means all tweaks and customizations will be erased and stock i OS 8.1.1 installed.

Also I can wait a couple more days before updating, so maybe Futurerestore will get an update until then. I’ll trade you my X on 12.1 for your X on 11.3.1I’m being totally serious BTW... If Apple released Mac OS X today, they'd lock the Dock down so you couldn't move apps around or even add 3rd party apps to it... To add to my initial comment, just in case the OP considers, it’s a global i Phone X (unlocked being used on Verizon), 256GB, Silver, 10/10 condition... Has had a screen protector and has remained in a case since the moment I bought it.

I would also volunteer testing as I have nothing to loose really. I’m not interested in getting a watch any time soon so I don’t care about that... and they'd probably also send a SWAT team to your home for trying to modify it. Im on the same boat received a watch Series 4 and il jailbroken on ios 11.3.1 with uncover dunno to update or not to ios12 i guess im fried ios12 beta1 is closed my only hope is futurerestore on ios12 but i know it will break faceid :( i have all bloobs saved on Ios12.0.1 / ios12,1 can it be posible tu update to those firmwares rigth now with futurestore??

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