Updating the innova 3100c

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Thanks, Dave True, only the rear has a heater, but if your reader is looking at the front sensor, and is expecting to find a heater circuit and does not, it would act like the heater is not working.

The truck appears to be in good working order and I'm not sure how to resolve this. Hey guys, I have a 99 Rango SLT 5.9 and was wondering what causes a Check Engine Light with no code.If I can't figure out a way to get a free scan I might be shopping for a 3130 unit.Well the Actron they used at my local Autozone and Advanced Auto did not pick up a code.So - what is the correct resistance for the rear oxygen sensor heater for '96-'99? I'm going to another Pn P today so maybe I can find a different '96-'99 rear sensor to try.It's hard to find rear sensors at Pn P because they cut the CATs out of the cars and depending on where they cut, the sensors are gone too.

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