Updating software hardware in computer lab

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For most computers, cleaning once every year or eighteen months should be adequate.Beyond just getting the dust out, here are some other steps to consider: Dust often collects inside the CPU and video card heatsinks, consider disassembling and cleaning them if you're comfortable doing so, or at least using compressed air to specifically blow them out.Not 'when was the last time you thought about it', or 'when was the last time you told someone how important it is', but when was the last time you actually backed up your data? If you don't know how, don't have a regular plan, or just want to see what's new in the field, Consumer Reports has a good overview of the most common options.And how much will you lose if your current hard drive fails right now and you have to rely on that backup? Personally, I have very little media on my computer, so I burn my files to CD once a year or so, and copy files to a flash drive in between.She holds a Bachelor of Arts in history and a Master of Public Administration from a Florida public university.When was the last time that you backed up your data?This process includes finding the right combination of computer software, computer hardware, hands-on instructional materials, concepts and learning activities.

Be careful about using household cleaners, as they can easily destroy circuit boards.

An excellent computer instructor tailors instructional strategies and learning activities to learner needs in each class.

A computer instructor must plan the course content and sequence of instruction for computer learners.

In this type of work, the instructor identifies what type of software the client needs to learn, what prior skills and knowledge the client has and what computer setup will be required to provide instruction.

The instructor customizes the learning session to help the client achieve proficiency in using software.

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