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Nvidia drivers are proprietary software developed in-house at Nvidia's research laboratory.

Nvidia does not offer open documentation for their hardware devices so there are no open-source drivers readily available for Nvidia devices.

The driver creates compatibility amongst the various other hardware parts that comprise a computer and the video card itself, as well as enabling the video card to communicate with the operating system.

The Nvidia device driver allows the Nvidia device to bridge the gap between hardware and software compatibility by providing the hardware with the software instructions for communication.

Have you experienced problems with your NVidia driver updates -- or updates for any other drivers?This is something that is quite common with numerous hardware and system manufacturers, and it opens up the possibility of there being a conflict between the two update utilities.If their databases are not perfectly in sync, each could believe it has the most recent version of the driver, resulting in an upgrade loop.This potentially simplifies matters by providing an all-in-one update service, but it does mean taking away control from specialist companies over their own products. Initially this might work, but in April senior Microsoft product marketing manager Helen Harmetz said during a Windows 10 webinar that users who forcibly stopped any Windows 10 updates would eventually have their security updates cut off.In the meantime, the experience for NVidia users is causing not only frustration, but providing a sub-standard Windows 10 experience.

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