Updating microsoft office

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Microsoft frequently issues updates that improve the functionality, performance, stability, and security of all their office tools, including MS Word.

Here's how to keep your Microsoft Office Suite up to date.

As such the relevant updates will be available to de deployed by Intune.

Follow these steps to enable them: The next thing to do is Configure clients to get updates from Config Mgr. While it is possible to preconfigure this setting using the Office deployment Tool this may be cumbersome to use in scenarios where Office 365 Pro Plus is already deployed.

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There are two things that you need to address in order to update Office 365 client updates: The first thing to understand is that when Microsoft releases updates to Office 365 for Pro Plus the same updates are released to Window Update and WSUS.

Let’s get started on how to look for updates in Microsoft Office 2016 manually and on how to update Microsoft Office 2016 manually. First of all, begin by starting any Microsoft Office 2016 application, for example, Excel. However if there are no updates available for you then you will get a message telling you “You’re up to date! If there is indeed an update available for you then keep in mind downloading and installing it might take some time and during this process, it could be that you cannot use Microsoft Office for some time.

We hope this tutorial helped you on how to manually update Microsoft Office 2016 and how to check for updates in Microsoft Office 2016.

You can check for updates for your Microsoft Office Suite 2003, 2007, 2010, and 2013 using Microsoft's Windows Update Tool.

Regardless of what version of Windows you are using, you can run the Windows update tool by following the same basic process.

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