Updating mepis 6 5 to current stable Webchat sex iran

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It is used as an alternative VPN for the IPsec internet based. I really like the noised that modems make when they connect to another modem. If the Ubuntu folk hadn't kept piling on more and more Gnome crap and sneaking in random widgets to eat up all my CPU, I would never have been mad enough to switch.

Unix, than Red Hat 6 or so, mandrake 4, because these were all installed at work, then at home it started with Red Hat 9, Mandrake 10 i guess, than SUSE than Gentoo, Ubuntu, and finally Debian, at home i have 4 pc's all running Debian Lenny and one Etch, and at work i have 2 servers running Etch and my workstation running Lenny. I started out using Debian derivatives (Libranet, then Mepis) for their tools and to learn what I needed to know, for the last four years my main distro has been Debian Stable because I can depend on it getting the job done. Installing Debian on a laptop is clearly for masochists only.

this is all personal use, as i don't use linux professionally much.

what frustrated me about red hat was the update feast-famine and rpm hell.

At work the most recent systems I've installed have been Debian too.I've used Ubuntu on and off but much prefer Debian - I seem to have less problems with Debian.-- "It's Not Magic, It's Work" Adam I started out with Caldera, purely because it came with some-or-other "teach yourself linux" book.Later at work I played with various Red Hat Linux versions in the 6.x era.The employer after that was running Red Hat Linux 7.x and later Red Hat Enterprise 2.x, 3.x and 5.x. At home I decided to switch from Windows NT 4.0 to Debian Woody as a friend used Woody and was able to help - not that I needed much help by then.

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