Updating jetdirect firmware

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The first stage of a firmware update is to download the short stack.After the short stack is validated, the HP Jetdirect print server continues the firmware upgrade by downloading the full firmware image.This means that the firmware downloader can recover from a failed download because there is always a good OS in Flash memory." Basically, this means the Jet Direct firmware update was interrupted or the Jet Direct firmware did not load properly.Also, rebooting the printer after updating the Jet Direct firmware will occasionally resolve this.Various Firmware Files can be found here: Support/Document.jsp?object ID=bpj07429FTP update instructions can be found here: Support/Document.jsp?I ran jet admin and it does find the printer but gives me Status Error but under that it states 00 Ready ........ secondly, if above isn't the case, is it plugged in to the network with a fixed IP etc. is that IP excluded from DHCP and reserved for the printer.

It automagically discovers all Jet Direct cards on your network and checks/updates their firmware against the latest version on HP's site. I've never tried to directly update the firmware on my JD cards myself. Checking the configuration page confirms that nothing happened.

I will attach a screen shot If you didn't just try to update the firmware then you may want to try.

According to HP the Short Stack error is due to a firmware problem/error: The following is a quote from the Web jetadmin manual: "The firmware downloader uses Trivial File Transfer Protocol (TFTP) to send the firmware image to the HP Jetdirect device. If a power outage or loss of network connection interrupts the firmware update process, you can rerun the firmware downloader and initiate the download again.

Has anyone else seen this problem / have a solution to it?

I've tried downloading and ftp'ing the file on a PC and Mac with the same result. For reference the current version of firmware on my jetdirect card is R.22.09 while the most up-to-date firmware available on the HP web page is R.25.15.

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