Updating intel driver first

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If you are dealing with numerous errors and you are experiencing various issues while using your hardware that has an overall negative impact on how you use your computer, laptop or NUC, then perhaps it may be time to update your drivers.

As the name suggests, Intel Driver & Support Assistant (Intel Driver Update Utility) is a tool designed to help you find the latest drivers released by the developer so you can download, install and hopefully solve the performance issues.

The last step implies installing the drivers following the provided instructions.

In the eventuality that you are trying to find a driver version, then you should keep in mind that the utility includes a section with older driver versions as well.

Even updating Intel RST driver to the latest version does not enable The Windows 10 1903 upgrade to run successfully.

I tried both update mechanisms via Windows Update as well via the Media Creation tool, both with no success no matter which Intel RST driver is installed.

Windows 1903 upgrade fails with message that there is a problem with the Intel RST driver.

I followed Microsoft's support article and upgraded the Intel RST driver to the recommended version, but this did not resolve the problem.

We’ve put together three ways below to update the driver. You can work your way down until you find the one that works for you.Installing Windows now is much more simplified and easy compared to Windows 95/98 because we don’t need to use a DOS bootup floppy disk, and the vast support of devices on Windows 7.Windows 98 didn’t support a lot of drivers and we need to spend quite a lot of time searching and downloading the drivers for chipset, display, sound, modem and printer on the internet using the slow 56Kbps dial up internet connection.Following a swift and uneventful setup, you come face to face with a sleek and stylish welcome page that displays a simple message on how to use the application.The first step entails allowing the tool to scan your system and discover the Intel graphic card, motherboard, network card or other components you have installed.

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