Updating formica countertops

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This way, you can recoup treasured items and give them a whole new lease on life.This can almost go without being said but it can be overlooked if this is your first time working with paint.Painting your vanity countertop can fill your bathroom with bright colors or continue a standing motif that runs throughout your home.Touch up the color palette in your bathroom for less than a tank of gas!Follow this 5 step guide to learn how to paint a laminate vanity with a vibrant coat of paint.This bathroom update would work well with some of the others that I recently covered.You will add primer in the next step to create a basecoat that the finishing coat can adhere to.Priming ensures better adhesion of paint to the surface, increases paint durability, and provides additional protection for the countertop itself. When shopping, you want to look for a flash-bond primer.

To ensure an even and full-coat, add several coats and allow time for each coat to dry in individually.

This means that it will stick to the laminate and allow paint to stick to it as well. Allow the initial coat to dry for an hour or so before going over it with an additional coating of primer.

Make sure that you use painters tape or painters plastic to protect the basin, faucet, and other areas that you don’t want painted.

Make sure it is something you can live with for years to come.

This will prevent any additional expenses due to future renovations.

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