Updating eee pc web browser

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The 900-series Eee, which does not replace the existing 700-series machines, is scheduled to begin appearing on the shelves in April, although it is unclear when Windows-based Eees will appear and at what price point.

One of the great strengths of the Eee is that it comes bundled with genuinely useful software—and that Asus has left out the typical annoying-ware that comes pre-installed on so many computers.

As a result, modest irritations like an undersized shift key are magnified by a typist’s muscle memory that is trained to use much larger keyboard.

However, thanks to the Eee’s USB ports, it’s easy enough to plug in a full-size external keyboard and mouse, reserving the miniature keyboard experience for airplanes and other places where a small footprint may be helpful or essential.

Open Office, the open source alternative to Microsoft Office, includes robust word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation programs that read and write to Microsoft Office format, though not the newest Office 2007 XML-based . In addition to basic productivity, the Eee also comes bundled with a near-current release of the Firefox web browser and an Acrobat-compatible PDF reader.

Many reviewers have written about all the neat things they intend to do with their Eee PCs, but it’s also apparent that many of them had only limited experience with the computer before they wrote their reviews.

This is simply not enough time to judge the extent to which the Eee actually changes personal computing habits.

A slower processor also consumes less electricity, contributing to the Eee’s reasonably good 3-3.5 hour battery life.

An oversized battery is available from Asus to increase the Eee’s run time to six or more hours.

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