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In the Update Wizard, select the Refresh tab and then select Tables Student. After the update process is finished, the database diagram includes the new Middle Name property. You must save this file for the new property to be propagated to the class. To update the views you have two options - you can either re-generate the views by once again adding scaffolding for the Student class, or you can manually add the new property to your existing views.In this tutorial, you will add the scaffolding again because you have not made any customized changes to the automatically-generated views. The top five were marketing & advertising, computer software, higher education, design, and non-profit.

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In the Models folder, open the Contoso file to display the model diagram.

The tagged data can then be visualized as knowledge graphs to search and find relationships between disparate data.

Graph DB’s free plan includes features such as full SPARQL (query language) support, JAVA scripting, and a plugin API.

To add this column, open the database project, and open the file.

Through either the designer or the T-SQL code, add a column named Middle Name that is an NVARCHAR(50) and allows NULL values.

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