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Net Framework on IIS so that Ajax starts working for you. They do not show up separately in IIS, and if you’ve installed .

Net 3.5 on your server, you’ll be able to enjoy all the features of MS Ajax 3.5 by selecting version 2 in IIS.

You can login into the PC using Windows RDC and then work on the server just like you work on your own machine.

If you don’t have remote access or physical access to your server, then you can’t install MS Ajax Extensions on it yourself. If you’re using server administration software like Plesk or Dot Net Panel, you can make this change by the interface provided by them.

This is now integrated with Visual Studio, and if you’ve got Visual Studio 2008, or Visual Studio Express editions, you can develop Ajax enabled web pages easily. Net pages successfully on your server, you have everything that’s needed to install MS Ajax on it. Net installation that you have on your server also depends on the version of . To install MS Ajax, you must have one of the following versions of . MS Ajax Extensions, necessary to run MS Ajax on the server has been made a part of . Net Framework 3.5 on the server automatically installs MS Ajax extensions as well.

Thus, in the development environment we don’t have to worry about installing MS Ajax at all, because if you’ve got Visual Studio, you’ve got MS Ajax. There are two different types of MS Ajax libraries that you can set up on your computer, and they depend on the version of . Just copy and paste it into your browser’s address bar and it will take you to the Microsoft’s download page for MS Ajax extensions.

In this case you must ask the server provider to install MS Ajax Extensions for you. But it’s just as easy to use Remote Access and make the change in IIS itself.

In Share Point 2010, you had to download a specific legacy version of the toolkit and make a handful of entries in your solution manifest (obviously we can only use the Ajax Control Toolkit on-premises since it requires deploying a DLL to the Global Assembly Cache). In this release of August, we have made several feature and improvements!Io T Plug and Play tooling public preview On August 22, 2019, we released a preview of Io T Plug and Play.AJAX (Asynchronous Javascript & XML) is a technology that aims to make the web truly interactive.With Ajax, you can avoid a full postback that causes the entire page to refresh.

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