Two lefties dating

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You are more likely to become left-handed based on the presence of one or more genes, but you may need an environmental trigger for it to happen. Parents have been caring tenderly for their babies since the dawn of time, but the way they have done so has evolved and changed over the generations.

If you do belong to the lucky 10% of the world’s population who are left-handed, know that you are in good company. Those changes could result from technological or social changes, advances in medical knowledge and understanding, or shifting...

If that were the case, any time two lefties had a baby, the baby would turn out left-handed. It’s known that if both parents are left-handed, there’s only a 25% to 50% chance their child will be left-handed.

This raises additional questions — why is only about 10% of the population left-handed, twice as many males as females, and how do identical twins often have different handedness?

Current theories suggest that the environment plays a significant role here.

Handedness is most likely due to a combination of both genes and environment while some people have a greater chance of being left-handed if their parents are.

Many European languages, including English, use the word “right” and mean “correct”.

But many studies actually suggest the opposite — that it can even be advantageous to be left-handed.

When she was two years old, it became evident that she preferred using her left hand over her right.Moreover, the New York Times recently reported that the size of the southpaw population has held constant ever since hunter-gatherer days (ancient handedness data come from studies of cave paintings and spears).This relative rarity of being left-handed has mystified scientists and led to a series of specious assumptions about us southpaws, such as linkages to schizophrenia, criminality and dyslexia. However, as I read that NYT article sprinkled with names of notable male lefties, I kept wondering about the whereabouts of my fellow southpaw ladies.Since left-handed people live in a right hand dominated world, lefties are better at using their non-dominant hand versus most righties.This helps left-handed stroke victims recover faster from strokes and other related afflictions.

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