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It’s not exactly something you should advertise but it’s particularly important for a few reasons. There aren’t many places smoking and using marijuana is legal. It’s more like they just don’t enjoy being high and would rather not be around someone who could get them secondhand high.Even though it’s becoming more and more widely accepted, there are still governments making it illegal everywhere. So they might not want to get involved with someone who makes it a regular occurrence.Again, it could be cigarettes but you can tell the difference between a cigarette and a joint.

This is a common snippet a of people post on their profiles in order to connect with the right types of people.

To them, it’s this horrible thing they’d rather avoid altogether. If you’re talking to someone and they tell you they’re high, then they probably smoke.

[Read: Top 15 worst habits that women hate in men] Other ways to tell if someone is 420 friendly If you want to know if someone is okay with marijuana and even if they themselves smoke, here are a few other ways you can figure it out. Obviously, “high” is a very general term and could be used to describe being intoxicated via many different substances but marijuana is a common one.

Students in California weren’t allowed to smoke during school, obviously, which meant they had to wait until afterward.

This time, in the afternoon, is when their friends would all get together and smoke marijuana.

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