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Your character can be romantic, creative, cheerful, and whatever you want.

But modeling people and running their lives is not the only thing you need to do in the Sims 4.

The game provides endless possibilities to craft and constantly improve the Sims’ homes leading them to perfection.

The first and biggest allure behind The Sims 4 is its astonishing, extraordinarily detailed graphics.

Characters are simply amazing: they are full-sized, exceptionally beautiful, and, most importantly, have incredibly realistic physiques.

All Sims have distinct, clear faces and players can edit the smallest detail in the characters’ appearances (even the number of tattoos and distance between eyes when adjusting a new Sim’s complexion! In the fourth sequel of the Sims, characters have a more lively behavior compared to the predecessor, they move absolutely naturally and do not look fake as in previous game releases. The second point to highlight in this Sims 4 review is its gameplay.

Though the game was launched 17 years ago, its essence remained the same – managing daily life of your virtual “pets”, which includes everything from feeding and entertaining to finding them a job and helping them to socialize.

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