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An eluviated silty (E) horizon, light brown, 5 to 30 cm thick, with a glossic lower boundary.In a plan view, the tongues make a semi-metric polygonal network that originates from cryogenic processes (Van Vliet and Langohr 1981).These colluvial deposits are locally cryoturbated ; A buried illuvial horizon (IIBTg), bright brown (7.5YR) 0.5 to 1 m thick.The upper limit shows tongues and is locally rich in Fe-Mn concretions.

However, recent rescue excavations carried out on the A65 highway have greatly contributed to overcoming this gap.

These palaeosols testify to soil-forming periods similar to the present and are thus considered as interglacial ranking.

They each show distinct characteristics, in their colour as well as by the clayey illuviation.

Recent works on the A65 motorway connecting Langon to Pau has allowed renewal of the available data on this techno-complex, also exposing an abundant series attributed to the Early Middle Palaeolithic in Romentères (fig. These discoveries have given the opportunity through the cross analysis of the different assemblages, to discuss the relations between the Acheulean and the Early Middle Palaeolithic in the western part of the Pyrenean Piedmont.

Although the techno-typological approach of these assemblages shed light on the technical and economical, and even cultural behaviours, their comparison has often been limited by an overall lack of chronological data (Turq .

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