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So if she hasn’t heard from you two or three days before the date, and she doesn’t really give a fuck, she doesn’t feel bad about blowing you off.

I wanted her car at my place, so I could suggest showing her my condo after the date.

But you also should have two or three other places that you can go to if the date goes well, because the process of seduction is to get closer and closer to a woman until you eventually end up inside of her. And if you click and a woman likes you, you like her, and she’s not structured and following a bunch of rules, fucking go for it. In the time between Sunday and Wednesday, I realized from reading your book that I should not be doing the pursuing.

When I went in for a kiss, she turned her head and only kissed me on the cheek, and that ended our date. As you said here, you would have normally blown up her phone, so you typically act over-eager and try to too much, too soon and rush things. The average attractive woman has been out on enough dates with enough guys to know that they like to go slow. Busy, professional women are going to appreciate that, and it will make you stand out from all the needy, insecure jackasses that they’re talking to. Even though you did two or three dates in a really short period, it worked out okay. The higher the woman’s initial level of attraction is for you, the more screw ups you can have and the more you can get away with two or three dates in a short period of time without turning her off completely.

It sounds like you went out for coffee, and you’re calling her the next day. But the less into you she is from the get go, when you start doing this, she starts to view you as just like all the other guys she’s talking to.

Why the hell would you want to meet them in person?

So use the phone and technology to screen them out before you decide to pull the trigger and meet up for a date.

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