Tamagotchi v5 dating show

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Press the left button to change the left number, and the middle button to change the number on the right.

Press the button on the right to submit your number set.

Family bonding affects what characters your Tamagotchis will grow into, but there are fewer 'Pure' Families in this release; the ones from the original V5 were replaced by the Royal Family.

I thought that it was worth posting here:"if you want to get a certain character to mate your tama, but it isn't coming up on the dating show, and you run out of chances do this.

It will switch which character you are playing with each time you choose a game. Your Tamagotchi will sign autographs from characters that come up to it.

You need to press the left and middle buttons, depending on what side the fan comes up on.

The discipline button has been replaced with a button to answer this call.

They will ask for your help deciding on one of three items to use. Answering these calls will help to raise the bonding level, but missing the calls will lower it.

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