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It's a generic setup, but 's more-is-more mentality extends to its combat system.

There is a lot to keep track of but the system provides clear tools with which to manage everything.

With this re-release, Namco is giving a whole new generation of RPG fans a chance to play one of Tales Studio's most warmly regarded creations in high definition for the first time.

Long-time fans might be eager for an excuse to replay stars a diverse group of fighters led by wannabe-macho-man Lloyd.

So, the story is the same, however theres quite a few parts left out.

However, I don't think it is quite right to say that just because of that the story isn't that good. Sure, it's based on it, but it's not gonna be an exact copy of it.

I loved this balance, with story progression as a cherry on top.is a solid, old-school Japanese role-playing game that I'm glad to have been exposed to.But that doesn't make Namco's sparse anniversary package less disappointing.Where Llyod's combative bravado evolves into an unwavering sense of justice and determination, .The sequel introduces new mechanics, like the ability to capture and train monsters, and battlefields with elemental properties that can be altered.

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