Symantec endpoint protection client not updating from manager

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All APIs exposed by Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager carry authentication tokens and other privileged data.

To ensure the confidentiality of the data, the REST APIs are only available over a secure connection.

Sends a command from Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager to add Symantec Endpoint Protection clients to (or remove them from) network quarantine.

A system administrator account is required for this REST API. Possible values are Cent Os, Debian, Fedora, Mac OSX, Oracle, OSX, Red Hat, SUSE, Ubuntu, Win10, Win2K, Win7, Win8, Win81, Win Emb7, Win Emb8, Win Emb81, Win Fundamental, Win NT, Win2K3, Win2K8, Win2K8R2, Win2K12, Win2K12R2, Win2K16, Win Vista, Win XP, Win XPEmb, Win XPProf64The list of OS to filter.

They call all ping the SEPM server but for some reason, some workstations are not getting the latest virus def. On the smc-server-0.log, I noticed a bunch of errors: SEVERE: Error while extracting full content under c:\program files\symantec\symantec endpoint protection manager\tomcat\..\inetpub\content\xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx\xxxxxxxx\Full What else can I check to see what's causing the communication problems?

The Live Update function appears to work and the home page of the Endpoint Protection Manager shows that the info is up to date.

Yesterday while I was on google, i found a post of almost the same issue with SEPM, so itried the solution and suddenly I had all my client PC's updating.

Briefly this is how i fixed this, to verify that the SEPM has been updated, open "C:\Program Files\Symantec\Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager\Inetpub\content\" you should see a folder or folders with the ymmddxxx naming convention, look for the current folder , inside it should have a folder named full and a zip file named full as well.

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Sends a command from Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager to Symantec Endpoint Protection clients to request an active scan on the client computer.

I have reinstalled both manager and client, I have searched this forum and Google but have found nothing that helps!

Other details, such as policy updates, enable/disable features, etc all work from the server to the client.

For the last three weeks I have struggled to get my SEPM to update win32 clients, what was happening is, only the 64 bit machines running Windows 2008 server were the only machines getting updates from the management server, this was surprising indeed as the SEPM has been functioning without any problems until this point.

Trying to trouble shoot the problem, i started with the usual, reviewing the changes that have taken place between then (meaning when updates were running) and now.

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