Survival guide for dating a law student

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Go on dates, and talk about anything, even if it's mostly about school.

Take your husband somewhere fun, and make him court you sometimes too.

And that's where you need to come in, and remind them how wonderful they are, how much hard work they've put in, and how far they are going to go.

Law school can break you down a bit, and it's your job to build your husband back the romance from your relationship.

The question, however, remains; are they the correct type of person for a long-term relationship?

The fortunate aspect of lawyers is that their personalities are about as apparent as a muzzle on a dog’s face.

Lawyers do not necessarily make for good mates, while others have experienced the polar opposite.

With that established, instead of arranging the pros and cons of getting involved with a lawyer into a typical (albeit overused) list, this article instead puts a relationship with an attorney into real-world context where a person and their attorney “friend” spend a Sunday together.

So hold on tight as we slide down the legal rabbit hole in pursuit of, or at least to better understand, our prospective lawyer boyfriends and girlfriends. When they say they want their eggs scrambled soft, no two ways about it, they better be scrambled soft.

“These (certain) characteristics make great litigators especially, and great lawyers as a profession.

But they counter to what works in emotional intimacy and even in good parenting skills.” The above are words from psychologist Fiona Travis, author of “Should I Marry a Lawyer: A Couple’s Guide to Balancing Work, Love and Ambition,” which can resonate strongly with those who are in relationships with an attorney.

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