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Wolfinger controlled for a variety of demographic variables and still found evidence that in today’s world, marrying before your mid-20s or after your mid-30s is associated with higher rates of divorce.

He speculates that self-selection is part of the explanation for this new reality: People who wait until their mid-30s to marry today generally aren't marrying for financial stability—which is usually established by early 30s—and might simply be less apt to succeed in marriage.

Many couples hung in there because of children and not because they were happy with their spouses.

It is also on luck as i myself got married when i was 19 and now 28 and mother of 4 kids too.... The reason we are together is that we are truthful n honest n dont cheat each other..we love each other...

Your age when you marry is surprisingly revealing of divorce vulnerability, although not in the way experts previously thought.

You could evaluate a long list of compatibility criteria—or you could just consider how old you are.

I agree with the overall, general consensus, however, there are far too many variables possible to simply pin it down to an age. A 19 year old in a 'Bible-belt' type county/rural area in the same OECD country would have a completely different experience and subsequently would have a different methodology and approach to marriage.

They would also (obviously) hold different moral and ethical values and face different societal pressure to get married before 20 and remain married even if in an abusive or unhappy or unfulfilling marriage.

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