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She'd tried a couple of other sites but they weren't good.That was 10 years ago though - but that's probably a plus (she was 42ish then - now they live in Northern Spain). Years ago A friend would introduce you to Tom a guy she knows and at least there wasa link with someone you know But with this dating thing or any other for that matter you are meeting a c omplete stranger that neither you nor the website have ever met! Most people get to know someone over a long period e.g at work local hobby club friend before even dating Sounds like buying a car or something : could also be embarrasing.I always feel like, as a bloke, I should be able to approach women in RL, as this is the natural way of things. There are thousands of people on the site, they are no more homogenous than MNers.Blokes who use internet dating always strike me as social misfits, even though I must be one too as I dallied with it for a bit. Yeah, you have to pay; it's not a public service Persevere - he was my ninth date from the site.Good friend of mine met her husband through Guardian Soulmates. The fact that the rest of us call him "Igor" (discreetly!! DP also used the service when his first marriage broke up - and no, he didn't meet me through it - and met someone who he had a very good if not permanent relationship with.

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There's a large number of Nigerian scammers on the site.Guardian Soulmates is a dating site run by the Guardian newspaper.Their membership numbers are mostly made up of Guardian readers The site has a very small number of members when compared to larger UK dating sites.I used it about three years ago, when I tried out quite a few of the dating websites.Yes, you have to pay to make contact, though you could go for the shortest option (think it was three days) then send a message with your email (use an anonymous one specially set up for online dating).

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