Smart woman dating

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It was all about him and what he wanted and how everything felt to him. At the time, I thought it was bad luck and then thinking, "I don't know what I'm doing with men at all." It was the perfect catalyst for learning to do things differently.That night, very distraught and heartbroken, I fell on my knees and prayed to God, "Please tell me what I need to do." Three days later, I met a man who looked at me and said after a great conversation, "May I take you out on a real date? You asked your husband for a divorce and then this man disappeared. I signed up with a group of women in New York who was studying women's sensuality and started doing things in a completely different fashion. My intent when I started all this was to get his attention again.If you wrap it all up, that's how I show up for women.Who are the perfect women for you and why are they the perfect women for you? Women typically come to me when they need help with rearranging their dating life so that they can have more of what they want romantically.I'd say I've cracked the code and so would my clients.These days, what I am doing most that lights me up is representing business owners like you and helping them get more visibility, more leverage and more market share by booking them on podcasts that their target buyers are listening to.

What I realized is when I started doing things in a completely different manner and I started to put the attention on myself instead of men, that men started crawling out of the woodwork to treat me well, to be with me.

Don't feel bad about it, but please reach out and let me know.

I may be able to help you grow exponentially through podcast guesting opportunities.

Dating expert and romantic fairy godmomma to smart, successful single women all around the world, Jenn Burton is known for orchestrating dating that leads to love by magically ushering in stable, fun, witty, and insanely attractive men who will love, adore and romance you without expecting you to compromise your career, success, or genuine self for any of it.

After years of dysfunctional relationships and crappy dating experiences, Jenn decided to take matters into her own hands and developed a dating method for creating the most magical experiences that lead to love. Hall, author of Tide Turners for introducing today’s episode. Thank you and I'm thrilled to be here with you as well. Before we dive in, give everyone more of a nuts and bolts, what are you doing day-to-day to serve and support your people?

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