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We would go away and take a break or the bartender would bring me another cocktail.”Lex’s shoot was particularly taxing because he worked from 8 a.m. every day that week because he couldn’t give up a week of work, as the producers suggested.Rossiter told Vulture that “Most people can’t go on five dates in five nights and still handle the regularities of their everyday life.”A little, yes.Alycia Rossiter told Vulture:“Netflix is getting a few people together to talk about what their lives are looking like now that we shot it.But I’m amazed how results-oriented people are in this.But that intimacy meant that it was still produced, both in real life and in the editing, which cut between different dates. So do executive producer Chris Culvenor and showrunner Alycia Rossiter, who were interviewed by Vulture’s Kathryn Van Arendonk and discussed creating a format that would give, as Culvenor says, “an honest glimpse of what it’s like to be single in a world of infinite apps and infinite choices.”Here are highlights from those two interviews.After all, it’s not very realistic to wear the same clothes and sit at the same table five nights in a row. Review: Netflix’s Dating Around has romance, clever editing, and more than just straight white guys Showrunner Alycia Rossiter told Vulture that “we had to go find people because they didn’t answer the ads.Rossiter told Vulture that the production was hands-off: “We stood back, we put cameras on a table, and we let the conversation and the connection or lack of connection unfold.”And while Lex says “it wasn’t scripted or specifically directed,” he did note that producers stepped in and “did try to steer it when the ship was off course.”For a specific example, he said:“At a certain point, I believe the creator took me aside and said, ‘You’re really good at getting information out of your fellow daters.Tell us a little bit more about you and let yourself be a little vulnerable.’ Which is that conversation between Mic and I.

Possibly—though Dating Around’s showrunner doesn’t like the idea, saying it’s “unromantic” and wondering if The Bachelor has affected people’s expectations.I feel partially guilty, like maybe my old job [on ] has forced people to think that.The fact that everybody wants to know what’s happening now, and what’s going on now, it feels so unromantic to me.You’re sitting opposite someone, and you might know what they’re saying, but you have no idea what’s going on in their head.To truly capture a dating experience, we wanted to not give the audience that cheat, where you cut away to another day in a private room where they can speak freely.

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