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They present a deliberate decision on the life or death of vast parts of the local population as a logical, inevitable development.

Three weeks later, on , economic policy guidelines for the coming invasion appeared that had been produced by Hans-Joachim Riecke's agricultural section of the Economic Staff East, which had direct responsibility for the economic and agricultural exploitation of the soon-to-be occupied Soviet territories: Many tens of millions of people in this country will become superfluous and will die or must emigrate to Siberia.

Attempts to rescue the population there from death through starvation by obtaining surpluses from the black earth zone […] prevent the possibility of Germany holding out till the end of the war.

The perceived grain surpluses of Ukraine figured particularly prominently in the vision of a "self-sufficient" Germany.

The so-called "rations" for Jews in Minsk and other cities within the control of Army Group Centre were no more than 420 calories (1,800 k J) per day.

Tens of thousands of Jews died of hunger and hunger-related causes over the winter of 1941–1942.

This plan was developed during the planning phase for the Wehrmacht (German Armed Forces) invasion and provided for diverting of the Ukrainian food stuffs away from central and northern Russia and redirecting them for the benefit of the invading army and the population in Germany.

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As a result, great suffering among the native Soviet population was envisaged, with tens of millions of deaths expected within the first year of the German occupation.

Starvation was to be an integral part of the German Army's campaign.

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