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This is the final chapter of the Book I of the novel, and it's in this chapter that we cross the magical 200-page marker (ed. note -- there is nothing particularly magical about 200 pages). When I typed "Finnegans Wake chap..." into Google, it appears as Google's fourth suggestion. Chapter 1 comes up first, but I guess that's due to all the English undergrads who've decided they're ready to take on the Wake, get to page 6, and then decide they better find out what the heck is happening in Chapter 1. Cine are un frate sau o sora care-i umbla prin camera in lipsa lui/ei.

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Anna Livia Plurabelle is an important character, no doubt. The action here concerns two old washerwomen, wringing out laundry on the banks of the river. One of the pervading ideas is that these two women are washing away the sins of the world ("the dneepers of wet and gangres of sin in it! In another sense, they are scrubbing at language, and Anna Livia is there to sweep everything away in her current. The entirety is around 20 pages long, making it fairly easy to excerpt and insert into whatever edition of "The Collected Works of James Joyce" or "The Essential Joyce" or "A Readers Guide to James Joyce" or what have you. For me, the best part may be the audio recording that exists of Joyce himself reading from the end of "Anna Livia Plurabelle." It was recorded in 1929 and gives a wonderful taste of how Joyce imagined the book to sound.

Capturile le putem pastra in computer intr-un folder, le putem trimite la o adresa de mail sau la putem trimite pe un cont FTP.

Acest modul de Motion Detection ofera posibilitatea lansarii unui executabil in momentul in care simte pe cineva aproape, acest executabil poate fi in player, un program, sau orice altceva, deasemenea acest modul de Motion Detection face si un zgomot in momentul in care simte miscare prin fata camerei, acest sunet seamana cu sunetul produs de un geam spart. Orcine doreste sa stie ce se intampla acasa in lipsa lui.

Nu mi-a venit sa cred cand am vazut peste ce comoara de soft am dat, nu numai ca face capturi dar poate transforma semnalul de la camera intr-un semnal video pentru streaming pe care poti sa-l vezi din orice punct al lumii pe orice laptop, desktop sau chiar telefon mobil.

Nu mi-a venit sa cred ca va functiona pe telefon, am scos telefonul din buzunar si am bagat adresa in browserul telefonului, incredibil dar adevarat, toata ingineria mergea ceas, pe telefon se vedea streamul video chiar daca eu nu am Flash Player pe telefonul meu (adobe ne tot amana cu flash-ul 10.1 pentru windows mobile), nu trebuie decat sa aveti browser care suporta java script.

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