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As its name suggests, it became Palestine's primary organizational device to free Palestinian regions from Israeli occupation. Arafat had long been a leader in Fatah, a Palestinian organization that sought freedom from Israel while maintaining its autonomy from other Arab states.

Arafat, who had fought in the 1948 war and had helped organize military raids against Israel, exerted control over both PLO military and diplomatic efforts.

Oslo being both the economic and governmental center of Norway, is also the main hub for trade, banking industry and shipping.

Being strategically situated, it is also an important location for maritime industries and trade within Europe.

Those incidents scared Israelis, who then elected the conservative Benjamin Netanyahu to his first term as prime minister.

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Israel also began giving up territory in Gaza and the West Bank.

In a secluded, wooded area near Oslo, diplomats gathered in 1992. Since the diplomats all stayed under the same roof and frequently took walks together in secured areas of the woods, many other unofficial meetings also occurred.

The PLO moved to validate its renunciation of violence with a change of organization and name.

Palestinians and their Arab supporters in Egypt, Syria, and Jordan immediately went to war with the new state of Israel in 1948, however Israel won handily, validating its right to exist.

In major wars in 19, Israel occupied more Palestinian areas including: The Palestinian Liberation Organization -- or PLO -- formed in 1964.

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