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cover its of his mercy f hen ever I could have expelled in a profperom \ G °Jj } ** . For ever bleffed be the Lordjhat hath not onely honoured me to ! lorn p rathe e oj gedlinefs,whenjo many grow negligent, or defptfe the - in ^atth. But have allthefe "Deliverances brought its to our Reft ? Nay, the things of the world are fo far from making the owners good, that they prove not the leaft impediments thereto, and fnares to the beft of men,- Riches and honor do feldom help to humility ; but of pride they occafionally become moft frequent fomentors. If dying men arc wifcr then others, who by the worlds forfakmg them, and by the approach of Eternity, begin to be undeceived ; then furely happincfs is hereafrcr, and not here ; For though the d Jud? Sin indeed there is nones but darefl; thou call that good ? Left they Jhouldgive too much to Reafon t or to Tradition^or the Church lor Miracles yfome further exclude them then will ft and with the Ratio- nality and fafety and Honor of Chriflianity $ fet not thofe things in Oppofitionjvhich may andmuft confift in coordination ^or fab or dila- tion toothers The removal of one necejfary faufe may deftroj the Effe8;er of one Pillar , may pull down the houfe ; or of one of the necejfary parts, may kill the man ; though all the reft be let alone ^ or move regarded then before* It u no 'whit derogatory to the Law of the Land, to fay, I muft read it With my eyes t and bj the help of Spetlacles^ and muft re- ceive it with mj hands, or ears, from a Herald or other Proc/a- mer, &c m 2. Thofe that plead for Traditional Dottrinesnot contained in Traditio} Scripture. Quamporro magna fit lam adbxrerc Deo, ut eivivat, indefapiat 3 i Uo gaudeat, t ant ay. But yet doubtlels much more may be done for the clearing this wei^htr, 193 194 The Saints evtrlafling Rcflturfed ut ejus rationes quas contra, verita- tem babet fol~ vantur; cum veritatifidei ratio natura/is contraria ejje non pofsh.sin* gularis vero mo dm convin« cendi adverfa* num contra buj'ufmodi ve- ritatem& ex authorirate \ Ifcripturas divl- nitus confir- may be evinced by natural demonftrations : ( and when we deal with Pagans,there we muft begin.

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once, and I pride, and made this world contemptible to me, and forced my dull many and heart to more importunate recjuefts, and occajioned more rare dif- j m * n ]' ^mes. of you are rich, or great in the world, jet for this riches of mercy to- wards youjmufi fay X* a ™ my Ql° r yjn] Crowned my Joyx Andfor ' all the fe rare favors to my felf andyou,as 1 have, oft promifed to pub- lifh the praifes of our Lord, fo do I here fet up this (lone of remem- brance andwrite upon ir y Glory to God in the higheft : Hitherto hath the Lord helped us ; My flcdi and my heart failed, but God is t-he ftrength of my heart, and my portion for ever. For no man can give this Reft to us, and none can take our Joy from us. External good is at too great a diftance to be our is not bread on our Tables,but in our ftomacks that muft nourifh : nor blood upon our clothes or skin, but in t he liver, heart and veins which is our Life. tcr te eft, non Ycficit.nonfuf- ficitifi ad cotn- $us fuffic'u^on tamcnferpetub fatiatfluin ad- hue amflim qu*r atu Y j qui autem te babet, jatiatm e/l 5 finem fuum ba- bet j non babet ultra quod qu*rat quia tu csfuper omne vifi- b'de-i audibiie^ odorablle } gu- (labile, tangibi* le, fenfible. If men of greateft experience be the wifeft men, and they that have tryed both eflates ; then furely it's vanity and vexation thats found below, and folid Happincfs and Reft above. What do thine eyes fee, or thy heart conceive defirable, which is not there to be had? And thus having Catechifedmyfelf to give men an account of my Belief, ana help thofe that are weaker herein % Ifhall conclude all with two or three words of Advice to the Reader. Ti Eware that you exclude not, in jour arguing^ any Caufe or nc* ±Jce Jfary Medium of your Faith bj quarelling too eagerly with other mens grounds * many men run upon this dangerous Rock. Of which read Cameropr*- rcrbo Dticap.j-page (operumfol J 4? Cumvitium creator a angelica (& human*) dicitur, 'uodnonadbmet Dco, bine aptiffime declaratory ejm nature ut Deo adbereat convenire. I know there are many excellent Treatifes already extant on this fubjed, and fuch as I doubt not mayconvince gainfaycrs,and much ftrengthen the weak.The offers of greater worldly accommodations , with five times the means which I receive With you, ve at no temptation to me, once to que ft ion whether I Jhould leave you : Tour free invitation of my return, your obedience to my Djtrine, the ftrong affel Uon Which I have yet towards you above all people, and the general hearty return of Love, which I find from you, do all perfwade me s that I was fent into this world efpecia Uy for thefervice of your fouls ; And that even when I am ' .d, I might A 2 S let Tnc Dedication of the whole. When Vcill the Lord once per- J\\iae his Churches to take his Written Word for the only Canon of their F dum.yet be a help to your falvation ; the Lord hath forced me quite be fide my o Wn resolution, to Write this Treatife, and leave it in your hands. \Divina co'fitcmplar Cf ■ ventm in tcr m minis maneto 5 Loquc/e'qua funt Spiritus, & ft poffibile e(l nihil aliud Ne Pair is no. So Abraham^L^arm^t thief that was crucified with Chrift, &c.And though men be ungrate- full, and my bodie ruined beyond ho^e of recoveries et he hath made up » ^ all in the comforts I in you . And fure according to this Rule, there's noftate like Heaven. Now, we are poor, we fpeak Amplications : And our Beggars tone difcovers our low condition j All our Language al moil is complaining andcravingjour breath fighing,and our life a laboring. "Q Eafon concludes that for the beft which is fo in the Judge- R mentofthe beft and wifeftrnen. Confuetuio fac veritatc, K'~ tuflas erroris eft ; propter quid relielo more fequmwr vwitatem, Cyprian Epift. But whacfoever the folly of mm might do,cer- tainly Divine Wifdom cannot be guilty of fetting a work fuch fruitlefi motions. Atquin [i lu- men ipfum Dei illudverum quod eft In per* (ona Cbrifli,vi- tarn in fe conti- net, eafy, vita cumluminequte committitur in carnem, peri' tura eft, in quam vita committitur 5 'Plane fie pey'u turm & ipfe Tbefauru* : pmturis enim pmtura ere* duntnr, ficut vcteribu* utri- but novum vi : num. Vide quantum & in ilia vita Cbrifti m wife (let ur. And PWalfo brings in the Juftified, Rejoy- cingin hope ofthe Glory of God, Rom. Doth he (Lew them Glory to fee them a longing, and then deny them the actual fruition f Or doth he lift them up fo near this Reft, and give them fuch rejoycings in it, and yet never beftow ic on them ? Nay doth he give them the earned of the inheritance? Of what exceeding great neceffity is ir, to the falvation of ourfelvesand hearers, tobefoundly perfwaded of the Truth of Scripture?To the God ofmercie, do I here offgr wou jj know my mofl hearty th*nkj ,and pay the vows of acknowledgement which I »y cafe, may oft made in my diftrefswho hath not rejetled my praters, which in my j"" one e almoft dolor I put up, * but hath bj a wonder delivered me in the midfl of my ^ c " in &' duties ; and hath Jupported me this fourteen years in a languijhing \ de G Y atia& ft ate, Wherein 1 have fear ee had awaking hour free from pain ; Who Liber. hath above t Wenty feveral times delivered me, when J was near to i-\ And though he hath made mefpendmy days in groans and tears, ' ! Springs, or feal up the bottomlefs depth of his bounty f You can kill our Bodies, ( if he permit you; but try whether you can reach" our Souls. * Riches, honour,and pleafure, make a man neither better nor beft ; Grace here makes us better, but not beft : That is referved as the Prero- gative of Glory. Out fure where all this is turned into eternal praifing and rejoycing, the cafe mull: needs be altered, and ail wants fupplyed and forgotten. Though, it's true, the Judgement of imperfect man, can be no perfect Rule of truth or goodnefs ; Yet God revealeth this good to all on whom he will beftow it; and hides not from his people the end they ihould ay m at and attain. 9 T Aflly, Another Rule in Reafon is this, That Good which JL conraineth all other Good in it, muft needs it felf be beft. Surely the time was,when there was nothing befides God ' and then all Good was onely in him. Therefore where-ever I read of duty required, when ever Ifindethe Grace beftowed, I take it as fo many pro - mifesof Reft. Yet I do not argue as fome, that becaufe the foul muft enjoy : for God fulfilleth but fcunddefircs, which are of his own exciting in us , which are limited Defires. In re erg* alicna falutisjed in fubfiantia perpetu incorrupt a, jam & Dei vita} aut cujm temporis vita Domini manifeftabitur in corpore nojiro I Tcnulliari. As Gods own Veracity is the prime Foundation of our Faith, from which particular Axiomes receive their Verity : fo the Scripture is the principal foundation quoad yatefattio*em % Revealing to us what is of God, without which Revelation it is impoffibie to believe. The Learned Divines of thefe latter times have in moft points of Doclrine done better then any fince the Apoftles before them, and have much advantaged the Church hereby, and advanced fa- cred knowledge.

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