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Keri Russell’s filmography includes Waitress, The Upside of Anger, and Mission: Impossible 3. Speedman’s on-screen nemesis, Scott Foley (who play RA Noel and vied for Felicity’s affection), was on The Unit, did Grey’s Anatomy, and was recently cast in the next season of True Blood. I manage to fill my time, although that’s the challenge of being an actor in Los Angeles. When an injury prevented that from happening, he fell into acting instead.

On the other hand, Speedman spent his late 20s in New York, slacking off. It’s not like a comeback.”At last year’s Toronto Film Festival, Speedman’s other film, Citizen Gangster, premiered to little fanfare. He actually wasn’t interested in doing Felicity, until an agent slipped him the script, and he saw how good it was.

“I was always ambivalent about this thing,” he says. He plays the Canadian World War II folk hero and bank robber Edwin Boyd. It’s a pretty good movie.” And then, with absolute sincerity, he adds: “It’s a pretty good performance, too.” That performance landed him a Genie Award nomination, for best actor in a Canadian film. ”After a few gulps of silence, he comes up with a short list. “Even as a younger actor, when I had no business turning stuff down, I wasn’t really that into doing crappy things that had no feel to them.

“I just wanted to have fun for a while.”Perhaps as a result, his career has been a little more scattered. A lot of it is in the meetings, auditions, and all that, and you know how those go. I’m making a little bit of a comeback of just trying to get good stuff down.”When asked when his comeback began, he lets out a laugh. His girlfriend, the Australian model Teresa Palmer, recently tweeted him a congratulations. “Very proud.” Speedman is polite and dreamy sounding, but he’s the first to admit that he’s not good at talking about himself in interviews. Like anything to do with, ‘What do you do day to day? I could see there was something there for sure.”For his audition, he paid to use a video room in Toronto and put a few romantic scenes on tape. “A couple days later,” he remembers, “they called and said they wanted me to come down. They were so close to shooting, they had no choice.”He still stays in touch with the cast.

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“As you get older, you evolve and want to take more risks,” he says.

Her date Lee announced himself to Fred by rocking up in a funky suit and revealing he'd been out at a party until 5.15am that morning. without any heartbreak and Lee's story about the death of his wife of 33 years absolutely broke us, let alone following it up with Teresa talking about her depression and nervous breakdown.

"Once the light comes in, you've got to grab it," she explained, and everyone wanted Lee and Teresa to grab the chance for a relationship.

In living rooms across America, while adult viewers drooled over George Clooney on ER, their teenage kids were madly in love with Speedman.

As Ben Covington, he played the chiseled athlete who prompted Felicity (Keri Russell) to drop out of Stanford at the last minute and enroll in a New York university, just so that she could gaze at her high-school crush between lectures.

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