Scott caan dating history

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Photos from this week's shooting posted to Alex O'Loughlin Online show a bounty of camaraderie and good times around Kamekona’s shrimp truck.

“Hawaii Five-O” has promoted Taylor Wily, who portrays the steadfast friend and food vendor, to regular cast status, so expect Kamekona to be more and more pivotal to plot lines through Season 8, as well as Dennis Chun, and Kimee Balmilero.

Building a team of fans for two unknown members is daunting, no matter the strength of the actors.

No further scenes of brotherhood fidelity between Danny and Steve have been exposed since the clip shared by executive producer, Peter Lenkov.

Forced to lay aside bravado, the two focus on survival, as Steve pulls rebar from Danny’s body as he recites baseball statistics.Judging from the smiles, it was a tasty day on set, with even Jorge Garcia doing a little singing.Scott Caan and Alex O'Loughlin both celebrate birthdays next week, on the 23rd and 24th, so why not be in a celebratory mood?There have been hints that Caan may contribute some writing in the new season, and old enemies have a way of reappearing, in "Hawaii Five-O" tradition.Scott Caan has proven Danny Williams to be a man of his word and an officer of honor in many “Hawaii Five-O” episodes.

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