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Perhaps they even believed these false narratives because the culture was so oppressive of deaf people that parents would keep them hidden at home.In remote villages, some deaf children were thought to be cursed by demons and were abandoned to be eaten by wild animals.His passion was to educate the deaf to be literate – to read, write, and sign.He used the Total Communication method of using sign language, fingerspelling, speech, speech reading, writing, and more.His master’s degree was in Education and he earned a second master’s degree in Christian Mission from Seattle Pacific College in 1956… He established the Christina Mission for Deaf Americans, now known as the Christian Mission for the Deaf, in 1956 in Michigan. S., Canada, Mexico, Western Europe, and 25 African nations.

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Here is the spot for you to definitely buy in good value for price and specials price for Linea Paolo Savvy Block Heel Bootie (Women).It was during his time in Michigan that he went to Bethany Pembroke Church every week and learned about missionary work.He applied and had been rejected several times to Gallaudet College due to his race, but he finally became the first African American accepted to Gallaudet in 1951.Throughout his life he would preach, “Tomorrow may be too late!” He worked steadfast to convince local education officials there were many deaf children and that they had a moral obligation to provide them with opportunities.

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