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After you have given the change, its effect, and its possible consequences much thought, it’s good you ask others what they think about it as well.

Sometimes, we can be short-sighted or we may be looking at things with prejudice.

Make a step by step plan on how to reach your goal. It is found out that imposing rules will actually result to a happier household.

It is because when there are strict rules, the expectations are clear as well.

The process requires complete your details in boxes that are related to your personal life such as your name, address, about yourself, likes dislikes and many more things.

You can trust these sites because they are completely encrypted password.

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Assign roles as well and be clear about those roles. Make sure you allocate specific tasks to each person, such as vacuuming the floor, dusting the furniture, cleaning the windows or cleaning the pool. If you assign roles to members of the household, one may complain that his role is more difficult than the other. You can also assign a day for each member where they are in charge of certain tasks.

How can you deal with something you do not acknowledge. Ask yourself if you would really want to react that way and what are the consequences of that reaction.

You can’t keep on fooling yourself that it’s not happening when it is right in front of you. Knowing that it exists, you must also acknowledge how it makes you feel. While all our feelings are valid and that we are entitled to have these feelings, not all our reactions are valid. Our reactions should not cause hurt to someone else. What we feel does not validate the wrong things we do just because it is a reaction.

Naturally, a parent would worry and won’t be able to sleep until everyone is at home.

Tell them that aside from their safety, it’s also a matter of common courtesy.

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