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As for now, after lots of Chester’s fans accusations and blame she kept her life very low-key. q=tbn: ANd9Gc T3o Mr VBb BC5Cfp SDae UJPcwtl Az Wjb2RMCX_1o UTVWm Fyp AQG88QShe was treated not less than their own biological daughter.

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The couple married in 2006, after his divorce from first wife Samantha Marie Olit in 2005.And one of the few stars is none other than Samantha Marie Olit is one of the most profound musicians in the music profession. Samantha was born on She was always enthusiastic about music.Professionally, she is known as Punk Rock Mother Teresa. However, she as an adopted child but still grew up happily even after being an adopted child. had reportedly just returned from visiting his wife and children in Arizona when he took his own life at their home in Los Angeles.Chester was found dead aged 41 in a private residence in Palo Verdes Estates in Los Angeles County.

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