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If you ask yourself why that is so and why there aren’t more beautiful Russian women looking for casual relationships without commitment, the answer is in their upbringing.Namely, Russian girls grow up taught that marrying young and having children is a strong priority in life.

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Only decide to message those with whom you have something in common.When you enter the keywords “Russian brides” into a search engine, a large number of websites appear some of which even offer you to buy a Russian bride.However, none of these sites are actually selling women: they are simply using terms that have become commonplace in the dating industry that specializes in Eastern European women. Even though they are usually not keen on marrying a woman who looks like a top model, they still type “hot Russian brides” in their web browser.In reality, you will find just as many Russian girls who are redheads or brunettes, corpulent, and petite.That said, obesity is not nearly as prevalent in Russia as it is the US, unfortunately.

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