Rupert grint and emma watson dating in real life

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The boutique hotel turned out to be a money pit, and Grint shut it down four years later, having reportedly made only 2,000 pounds profit (about ,834.) When Grint finally returned to acting, he slowly eased back into the game with a few guest spots on the small screen.Acting in shows on both sides of the Atlantic, he lent his talents to programs like the animated Fox series But, unfortunately for Grint, none of those appearances made much of a may remember when Grint drew an exaggerated doodle of the late Alan Rickman as Professor Snape — which Rickman, fortunately, loved.But it turns out that drawing wasn't just something the actor did to combat boredom on set as a kid.The gossip rag suggested a correlation between the actor's dwindling career and his supposed health issues, alleged drinking and partying, and a reported lack of focus and drive."Rupert is exceptionally unfocused right now," a source told the tabloid.Giving the example that he'd once been dressed up in drag after meeting a new friend one night, he added, "It's got me in a few weird situations.

Rupert Grint may have been willing to make the temporary move to New York City for his stint on Broadway, but he has no real plans to pursue work in the United States if it means leaving his home country for good.While Grint is a longtime supporter of a number of causes, he focuses much of his time and energy on raising awareness for child health initiatives. He told the that it was "a privilege" to support the charity's Little Star Awards, which he called "a fantastic way of recognizing the bravery and courage of all children and their families who have been affected by cancer." actress Georgia Groome — have overshadowed his professional pursuits.While neither star has confirmed their relationship status, the two have been linked since 2011 and have even been seen holding hands while out together (via the asked Grint about his rumored girlfriend in 2014, the actor's awkward non-answer did little to squash media hearsay."I like England," he told the Of course, sticking to his roots may be good for his personal life, but it undoubtedly puts the actor at risk for missing out on major career opportunities. Grint has apparently jumped into the real estate game.Over the years, he's purchased a number of properties in England, specifically in Hertfordshire where he and his family live and where a number of London commuters reside, as reported by the in June 2013.

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